Fresh Squeezed Drinks

Teddy's SeattleTeddys features house made fresh squeezed drinks:

Lemon Drop: Stoli Citros, fresh lemon, served up – $6.75

Whiskey Sour: Buffalo Trace, fresh orange & lemon, on the rocks – $7.00

House Margarita: Sanza Gold Tequila, triple sec, fresh lime, on the rocks – $6.75

Malibu Lemonade: Malibu Rum, fresh lemonade, on the rocks – $6.75

Kamikaze Stoli: Vodka, fresh lime & Triple Sec – $6.75

Maker’s Manhattan: Maker’s Mark Whiskey, sweet vermouth & bitters – $8.50

Washington Apple: Buffalo Trace, Cran, Pucker Sour Apple – $6.50

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